Requiem of the Human Soul

The human race is on trial. At stake… Its continued existence

The face of 22nd century warfare… happening today

According to the American military, 23 Afghan civilians were killed in February by a group of people sitting at a console in Creech Air Force Base in Nevada.  How could that happen?  Because these people were operating the Predator drones that have caused such controversy in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Predator drones: heralding the face of 22nd century warfare

Look out,world… this is the way warfare is going to be conducted in the future as increasingly advanced technology allows more sophisticated interfaces to be developed.  The logic is powerful.  Why should you risk the lives of your own people when you can accomplish the same ends by technology?  It’s the same logic that leads to the use of robots when possible in examining and disarming suspected terrorist bombs.

But, sensible as the logic may be, we’re going to enter a world where the lives and deaths of civilians will ultimately be decided by the cost/benefit trade-offs of programmers working away in the abstract world of mathematics, completely divorced from the reality of the ground.

In my book, Requiem of the Human Soul, there’s a scene that portrays the face of 22nd century warfare.  The troops fighting the terrorists are called GE troopers, (standing for GALT  Enforcement – a 22nd century global treaty to limit human aggression by genetic means).  They’re fighting the Rejectionists, people who reject this global treaty on religious grounds.  And, plus ca change, the fighting is still going in the Pakistan/Afghanistan border, this time in a little community called Pannakot, in the Chitral Valley.  But the GE troopers aren’t really there – they use virtual reality units (or VRUs) which they’re operating from the comfort of Nashville, Tennessee.

And it’s a lot more comfortable when you’re fighting from your home town.  As one of the troopers tells the book’s hero, Eusebio:

Sure, pal, that’s where the whole 4-21 regiment is located.  We have a giant virtual reality center outside Nashville.  We’re all there right now, in our skins, hunting down Rejos in the Chitral Valley.  It sure beats doing it in person.  At the end of the day, we go have a drink with the guys, enjoy our kids at home.  I’ve got a six-year old.  I wouldn’t miss him growing up for anything.

Eusebio, is there with the GE troopers in the Chitral Valley virtually, wearing a VRU himself.  He’s on a mission to see what is really going on in the sanitized world of genetically enhanced humans.  And what he sees disgusts him.  It’s the face of warfare in the 22nd century.

Click here to read the excerpt from the book in a pdf file.


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  1. Not likely, mate.
    See, the NWO Elite really don’t care about people’s feelings [They are psychopaths, to a man] and your scifi scenario supposes that the PTB somehow care about the grunt’s cares. They don’t. The soldiers of all nations are cannonfodder.
    Moreover your picture includes soldiers having freewill and executive control over the robots, the ability to refuse to fight or not kill a target. That flies in the face of the confessed, deducible and historically proven intent and capabilities of the “NWO” Elite [who are really the OldWO Elite on a mission to conquer all, like the Daleks]… they intend to microchip the masses and particularly the soldiers. Do I really need to source you links to their own propaganda, mission statements and scientific announcements?

    Much cheaper to simpy raise grunts like Jannisaries with a suite of body and brain nanowires/chips, hooked up to the Matrix [the 22nd C www]. Genetic engineering is also likely. The emotions of the cybersoldiers can be deleted and who the hell cares about them anyway? Unless we miraculously overthrow the “funny handshake” fanatics most people will be lucky to have the freedoms of North Korea.

    plus to which have you not read of the results of the decades of MK mind control projects?

    we have had 1000s of years of people sacrificing everything to kill and harm and rob in the name of religion.. we still have that and now we have science/tech too, the new religion. So there is no real need for tech progress at all for the globalists to execute war with plenty of RPGfodder. The trauamatised people are almost as easy as ever to recruit into armies and with modern tech massed armies are obsolete anyway… it is all about getting the firepower on target. With micro and nanotech the Talibans of the world are fighting on borrowed time.

    The whole damned farce is fixed anyway [e.g.the CIA still run the AF/Pak muslims’ warfighting ability]

    A grim picture but there you have it.

    Comment by Daniel S | July 7, 2011 | Reply

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