Requiem of the Human Soul

The human race is on trial. At stake… Its continued existence

“A highly recommended instant classic”

Review By Josee Morgan of Apex Reviews

Five Star Official Apex Reviews Rating

In the late 22nd century, the world witnesses the rise of genetically enhanced “d-humans,” a new race of people specifically designed to have the best qualities that money can buy – but, more importantly, to lack the worst traits of their predecessors. The resulting eugenic debate ultimately takes the center of the global stage when, in a special session of the United Nations, a trial is conducted, the outcome of which will determine the fate of the unaltered, unenhanced minority known as “Primals.” Facing extinction, the Primals are increasingly vilified – not for their own crimes and malfeasance, though, but rather for the cultural devastation and environmental destruction caused by their ancestors.

As the chosen defender of the Primals, humble school teacher – and fellow Primal himself – Eusebio Franklin appears to be their best chance at avoiding complete annihilation; however, as the pressure of the trial mounts, Eusebio is thrust in the clutches of a crippling moral dilemma regarding the outcome of the trial and his Primal brethren: when presented with the opportunity to end dhuman oppression through violent means, does he prove the world right about the brutal nature of his proud lineage in order to save it?

In the pages of his brilliant debut novel, Jeremy Lent raises timely, pertinent, and thought-provoking questions about life, freedom, and the true global impact of humanity itself. Through the well-crafted characters of his gripping morality tale, Lent presents the reader with compelling arguments on both sides of the debate, proving that such a controversial topic is far from easily resolved. Furthermore, the greater issues of spirituality, history, and society that Requiem addresses cut to the heart of what it really means to be “human,” challenging the reader to weigh a wide range of equally influential factors about the ultimate value of the human race.

An enlightening, engaging read, Requiem Of The Human Soul is a highly recommended instant classic.


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